Bicycle Geneva to Milan - August 2005
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Welcome to the web site for our bike trip from Geneva to Milan. The three of us, Mike, Steve and Dave left from Boston and Denver on July 29th and rode about 275 miles over the next 8 days - with one day off for rain. For the most part, the route was relatively flat, except for two days in the Alps. We crossed the Simplon Pass from Switzerland into Italy - made famous when Napoleon decided it was a good route to invade southern Europe.
We did this as a self-guided trip without escort or SAG.  We pre-booked hotels for about half the nights and stayed flexible on routes and destinations for the rest.  We had no trouble finding accomodations that met our needs in each town that we stopped in.  For the most part, the route is on or near train lines, so we figured that we could always take a train to a larger town if we needed a serious bike repair or couldn't find a place to stay.

This site contains a description of our route, a map and some links that were useful to us when we were researching our trip and daily photos of our adventures.

Mike Sefton

Steve Smith

Dave Wolf

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